Open Shandong series interview concludes in Rizhao

The Open Shandong series interview, special report on “seek new development with new economic engines ”came to an end on September 15 in Rizhao, east China’s Shandong province. A delegation including both Chinese and foreign traditional and new media conducted an on-the-spot coverage in Jinan, Liaocheng, Jining, Lin...[More]

Shandong pushes forward transition from old growth drivers to new

Taking transition from old growth drivers to new as the leading task for economic development, Shandong is taking active measures to build itself a national lev...[More]

  • Odinaeva Mukamalms

    Journalist of Khovar

    The five-day interview activity of Open Shandong came to an end in Rizhao on September 15...[More]

  • Belkova Maryna

    Journalist of China and Russia magazine

    “This is the first time that I got a chance to have a close look at Shandong enterprises....[More]

  • Lyu Guodong

    Journalist of Russia Today

    Lyu Guodong, the journalist of Russia Today (RT), is one of the members among the media gr...[More]

  • Sadull Sheroz

    Journalist of Friendship magzine

    Seek New Development with New Economic Engines, an omnimedia interview event of Open Shand...[More]

  • Zhao Yonghe

    Journalist of Vietnam News Agency

    “This is the second time for me to come to Shandong. I get new impression each time I com...[More]


Shandong enterprise turns straw into ‘gold’

Founded in 1979, Jinan Shengquan Group Share Holding Co., Ltd. (Shengquan) is located in Meng Luochuan's (a very famous Confucian businessman) hometown, Diao town of Zhangqiu district. With a total asset of 6.6 billion yuan, it has grown into an innovative enterprise focusing on the research & development and utilization of all types of plant straws. It involves in four industries including the high-performance resin and new composite materials, comprehensive health, biomass and bio-pharmaceutical....[More]

Shandong cable producer to be the pioneer in transition of growth drivers

Founded in 1986, Shandong Yanggu Cable Co.,Ltd (Yanggu Cable) has started a new undertaking by eliminating out-dated productivity, upgrading competitiveness, pushing forward the development of new technology, new industry, new formats and new modes. Last year, it completed the overall planning of Yanggu Optoelectronic Information Industrial Park. ...[More]

Buddhist culture-themed real scenery show stuns media

Xing Long Cultural Park, a national-level 5A scenic area, is a large Buddhist culture-themed park, which combines the function of paying respect to Buddha, praying, culture experience, performance and meditation. ...[More]

Quanzhuang Town spares no efforts to develop eco agriculture

Quanzhuang Town spares no efforts to develop eco agriculture...[More]

Innovation fuels Shandong enterprise to be supplier to multinationals

Practicing craftsman spirit in the citric acid industry, RZBC Group Co., Ltd.( RZBC Group) has not only kept a foothold in domestic market but also won big global market share. ...[More]